Wanted: good '76 srx crankshaft or good '75 gpx crankshaft. Will be at St. Germain swap meet.
Wanted: '76-'80 set of heads for Yamaha srx. Will be at St. Germain swap meet Sunday.
lay off and have to put everything in storage until I can find a job.
looking for roofing material, if anyone has extra unused roofing material I would greatly appreciate it! Ribbed roof panels Shingles Tin Extra wood (wood pallets, 1x4s) It is for a chicken coop I m working on with my 7yr old son- an aspiring farmer ;) Thank you in advance!
I am in the process of becoming a foster parent and I am looking for used girls clothing in sizes 3T and 4T. I will pick up.
We have gone broke and my two parents no longer have jobs and we are not able to afford a new video card, let alone a new computer. If you have an extra video card just let me know. Thanks.
Need 30 gal blue plastic barrel. No cut top.
In need of bed
Mainly interested in 1x or 2x lumber. Also some plywood.
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